For any Mental Health Practice owner wanting to get the most from their tax-write-offs.

Discover the 12 Overlooked Tax Write-offs for Mental Health Practices

Without shelling out thousands of dollars to a CPA who doesn't know YOUR industry....

Make sure your Current CPA/Accountant Isn't Putting Your Business At AUDIT Risk...

Hey Mental Health Practice Owners!

What if I told you that your current CPA or Accountant could be costing you thousands of dollars every single year?

You’re probably thinking, “What? No way! My Accountant knows their stuff.”

But here’s the thing, most CPAs, Bookkeepers, and Tax Professionals are generalists who serve a wide range of clients in all kinds of different industries.

That means they simply don’t have the time to develop the skills and expertise needed to understand the unique challenges you face as a Mental Health Practice.

The first part of my 21 year career as an Accountant was spent working with clients in about 20 different industries. If you can think of a type of small business, chances are I’ve had them as a client.

You see, instead of being the Trusted Advisor that I could have been, I was stretched so thin that all I had time to do was basically just be a number cruncher who spit out reports.

So instead of being a "jack of all trades" Accountant, I decided to direct all my attention to an industry that is near and dear to my heart, Mental Health Professionals.

Look, no matter where you're at in your career, TAXES are your single biggest expense.

The worst part is, over 90% of Mental Health Practice Owners overpay their Income Taxes to Uncle Sam and their State & Local governments.

The truth is, while things like paying taxes and saving for retirement are key to your financial health…...

What's the point if you can’t enjoy life now?

Here’s where I come in, 

After working with many Mental Health Practices, I’ve realized that they don't have any idea that they can legally and ethically SLASH their income taxes by as much as 50%.

That's why I decided to write this e-book…

“12 Overlooked Tax Write-Offs for Mental Health Professionals”

Ready to save Thousands of Dollars on your Taxes?

Running a mental health practice can be very overwhelming.

Luckily, it doesn’t have to be that way.

What I’m sharing with you will help you save thousands on your taxes and give you the security you need to run your practice with confidence.

Before I reveal what you’ll find inside, let me first introduce myself…

My name is Safietou Russell...
I help 6-figure Mental Health Practices decrease their tax liability with my 3 Step Entity Analysis.
I'm a CPA, Enrolled Agent and have a Masters of Taxation. My firm, SDR Consulting Inc is based in New York, but we work with practices all over the U.S.. I look forward to hearing your story.
Keep More Of Your Well-Deserved Income and Stop Overpaying Uncle Sam By 5 Or Even 6-Figures Annually

This book reveals how mental health practices can save thousands on their taxes every single year without having to memorize the IRS Tax code.
It also reveals:
  • How to turn your travel into tax-deductible business expenses.
  • How to receive a tax deduction on your home
  • ​Tax deduction misconceptions on business meals
  • ​How to maximize your tax deductions
  • ​And much, much more!
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12 Overlooked Tax Write-offs 
for Mental Health Professionals

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